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December 02, 2022

The GFsix NFL Weekend Preview Show Week #13

Look who's back "Wesdog" with his week #13 NFL weekend preview show. Tonight I talk all about the up coming week #13 NFL games, I focus in on some key game match ups, will the Steelers get another win at the Falcons, what will the Browns new QB look like vs his...

The GFsix Show's NFL Weekend Preview.

November 30, 2022

The GFsix Show "Sports Blitz"

Join hosts "Wesdog" & "Double C" for a sports blitz, we take a look back at the Steelers big win, the Browns win and the rest of the big NFL winners from week #12. We continue building our best NFL team with the secondary picks this week. We preview the...

The GFsix Show's Sports Talk

November 23, 2022


Join "Wesdog" & "Double C" for some great TURKEY & sports talk, tonight we are talking all about what happened in NFL in week #11, The Cowboys big blow out over the Vikings, The Eagles escape with a win, the Browns fall to the Bills and the Steelers fall to the Bengals...

The GFsix Show's Sports Talk

November 18, 2022

The GFsix NFL Weekend Preview Show Week #11

It's another "FOOTBALL FRIDAY" Join your host "Wesdog" as he takes you around the full slate of NFL games this weekend, we take a closer look at that Bengals @ Steelers game, the Browns @ Bills snow game that was moved to Detroit's dome and more.

The GFsix Show's NFL Weekend Preview.

November 16, 2022


Join "Wesdog" & "Double C" as they start building their perfect NFL team, starting with the defensive line starters & back ups, then we take a look at all the MLB award winners, we check out some key NFL match ups Browns @ Bills, Bengals @ Steelers.

The GFsix Show's Sports Talk

November 11, 2022

The GFsix NFL Weekend Preview Show Week #10

Join red-hot "Wesdog" with his weekend NFL preview & picks, we take look at all of week #10 NFL games, will the Cowboys beat up the sad Packers, will the Steelers with T.J. Watt back get the win over the Saints at home.

The GFsix Show's NFL Weekend Preview.

November 09, 2022


On the show tonight, we got "Wesdog" "Double C" & "BK" in the studio, we look back at all of the wild games in the NFL week #9! Then we have some fun and create the perfect NFL QB using some of today's best NFL QB'S body parts.

The GFsix Show's Sports Talk

November 04, 2022

The GFsix NFL Week #9 Weekend Preview Show.

"Wesdog" Is back and is looking to rebound from last weeks picks. It's another "FOOTBALL FRIDAY"

The GFsix Show's NFL Weekend Preview.

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Wes Hyland "Wesdog" Profile Photo

Wes Hyland "Wesdog"

Host & Creator Of The GFsix Show

As the Steeler-Nation Leader. I live to talk about MY STEELERS, my Penguins
and yes even my Pirates! I love all sports. I can debate with any fan of any team on any day. Being a high school FOOTBALL superstar at MLB I always looked up and admired Mr. Jack Lambert #58. He is my all time favorite NFL player. I hope to bring you some great sports talk & fun all year long from a TRUE DIE-HARD FANS PERSPECTIVE!

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Chris Crosniak "Double C"

Co-Host Of The GFsix Show

I love being a part of this show!
I love all sports and I truly love my Cleveland Browns, every Sunday I'm locked into the team hoping to get that Win. As a Browns fan, everyday you wonder if this is your year, all I want is a solid football team to be proud of.
My all time favorite player is Payton Manning, yeah, I know he was never a Browns player...