March Madness Is Under Way! Who You Got To Get To The Final Four?


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You guys take sports talk to a whole new level!

Just happened to catch your "Sports Blitz" show and I got to say... LOVED IT, Loved the great vibe you guys have and LOVE LOVE LOVE THE TOPICS! Awesome show guys!

Great sports talk!

You guys bring sports talk back to what it should be like, the show flows amazingly and your topics are so good. Love that START-CUT-BENCH game.

This show rocks!

I'm a truck driver and listen to a lot of sports shows, you guys are great to listen too, I love that you talk sports like a fans would!


You guys make my day, the show is getting better and better every time! AWESOME SPORTS TALK!

Awesome show!

Guys, love the show! You guy's are on point with your sports top ten's, the goo roo dude is insane funny. You guy's need to be on ESPN. Love all the takes, thanks for a great time!

Love it<3 -Faith

Loving this show

The show is more personable. More like conversations sitting in your home, with honest opinion and not submitting to peer pressure of who you have to favor.

Great show

Keeps getting better every episode, love the topics, hey wesdog get my name right lol. You and double c got me hooked!

Great job

This show is great hour is over quick. Everyone needs to join in on fun!

Great show

This is my favorite show it took over undisputed shout out to double C he’s doing his thing good job

Great show

That hour goes fast, more time is needed . Jeff

The gfsix show is my new sports talk show!

AWESOME SHOW! Being a die hard steeler fan, it's great to know that wesdog lives, eats and sleeps Steelers football, love his passion for the team and his never give up on them attitude. Wesdog, YOU RULE BROTHER!


I have been listening to the old Gfsix show in the past, but let me tell you about the New GFSIX Show! It is absolutely amazing! I love the fanduel GURU! I also love hearing new voices like Double C on the show and I really love all the new music! My favorite part is talking about FOOTBALL! Especially hearing all about them AMAZING STEELERS! Me and the family are loving our new shirts! If you haven't listen to the show go do so! I promise you will love it!

Killer Show Guys!

I'm hooked, love the POWER RANKINGS and that crazy GURU character. You guys make it WAY fun! I'm not listening to them so called ESPN pro's anymore. Keep up the great work guys! How can I grab a show T-Shirt?

Great Show

The show flows great, but the hour flies by so fast!

Great show

My second favorite show behind skip and Shannon undisputed

Hour flew by

Very good hour, flew by... Was left wanting more time!

Great show

Enjoyed the hour! Show flew by great sports talk guys.


I really enjoyed the show. These guys sound very knowledgeable about the game. They also sound like they enjoy doing it. And I LOVE the fan doo goo roo...he rocks!🤣 Looking forward to next week's show!!


That was a fun and solid show, thank you for all the laughs! I disagree on some takes but totally agreed on most. ROCK ON GUYS! Can't wait til next week...