March Madness Is Under Way! Who You Got To Get To The Final Four?

About The GFsix Show

As TRUE life long Steeler fanatic from 1969, you should always know

"I bleed black n gold" for LIFE, no matter what.


Myself (Wesdog) and my co-host (Double C), talk all about the NFL, the NHL, the NBA and the MLB. We will bring you up dates on teams/players/coaches and injuries. We hit up some great interviews with some of today's best sports minds and always try to let you voice your own opinions on anything. It's everything that's happening in the world of sports. Join us every week as we bring you real sports talk from the fan's perspective.

Show topics include everything from top 5 NFL QB'S, Top 5 WRS, Best Defense, Best Offense, Who wins divisions, Who makes playoffs, we hit up baseball, Hockey and more...

The show features The GFsix NFL Top 10 *Power Rankings. Every week we bring you our very own power rankings, *Contenders or Pretenders. Every week we tell you what teams or players are contenders or pretenders, M.V.P Ladder. Every week we look at who is on the NFL's M.V.P Ladder. *Bold Predictions. Every week we give you some bold predictions & *The Fan Doo Guru he is our very own fanduel expert, well he thinks he is.

The show will focus more on the NFL and MY PITTSBURGH STEELERS of course, but with guest from all over the globe and fans from every other teams it should be interesting. We wanted to make sure our show stands out from all the rest and offers some entertainment beyond just sports talk.  And Yes.. I hate the Browns, Bengals and mostly the Ravens... lol

The show is broken down into quarters segments: 1st QT, 2nd QT, 3rd QT and the 4th QT.  Each QT segment is 13-15 min long. The show is a podcast and available on Wednesday's at 7pm est. right here on the site or where ever you get podcasts at.  Then it's aired as a replay podcast all week on over 80 stations worldwide and anyplace you listen to podcasts, like Iheart, spreaker, podchaser, anchor, apple podcast, google podcast, amazon and many more. The show is a weekly one-hour show unless we hit some OVERTIME!

We love to create or cause friction with our topics, our passion for sports, ours or other fan base's and our humor. We offer a fun and exciting way for the fans to get in on the conversations as well, by calling or texting into the show at 216-236-3418 we can schedule a show date, or by joining the shows Face Book Fan Page, becoming a member at the GFsix Show's Website, subscribing to the show's monthly news letter or following us @GFSIX on twitter and so much more...

We offer lot's of FREE GFsix Show gear give-a-ways, exciting contests and more... Each week we will dive into some killer topics that you'll crave along with getting you ready for the up coming week of NFL games. Yeah, we will hit up on some Baseball and of course some Hockey and Basketball.

If you bleed black n gold and you love the NFL then this is a must show for you, if you love sports then this show has you covered. We hit up some great weekly topics, great looks at the teams, the players, schedules, training camp and season news, injuries, game predictions, we will even unleash the one and only GFsix Show's FAN DUEL GOO-ROO with his weekly funny fanduel picks to try and win you some cold hard cash!

We're not done there, I will also do a Friday NFL weekend preview show, every Friday at 7pm est. Where I check out some key game match ups for the week and give you my winners and losers for each game. It's a 30 min show that's hosted by me. Let's just say it's fast and fun!

We're ready.... when you're ready.... "LET'S TALK SPORTS"


About the Hosts

Wes Hyland

Wes Hyland "Wesdog"

Host & Creator Of The GFsix Show

As the Steeler-Nation Leader. I live to talk about MY STEELERS, my Penguins
and yes even my Pirates! I love all sports. I can debate with any fan of any team on any day. Being a high school FOOTBALL superstar at MLB I always looked up and admired Mr. Jack Lambert #58. He is my all time favorite NFL player. I hope to bring you some great sports talk & fun all year long from a TRUE DIE-HARD FANS PERSPECTIVE!

Chris Crosniak

Chris Crosniak "Double C"

Co-Host Of The GFsix Show

I love being a part of this show!
I love all sports and I truly love my Cleveland Browns, every Sunday I'm locked into the team hoping to get that Win. As a Browns fan, everyday you wonder if this is your year, all I want is a solid football team to be proud of.
My all time favorite player is Payton Manning, yeah, I know he was never a Browns player...