March Madness Is Under Way! Who You Got To Get To The Final Four?

The GFsix Show "Let's Talk Sports"

Join your hosts "Wesdog" & "Double C" as they talk sports & the NFL.

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Wesdog & DC... 'Hit up some great sports topic's.


They talk sports from a fans perspective. They talk all about some key NFL match ups, we do our GFsix Top 10 NFL power rankings, our top 5 NFL QB's and make some BOLD PREDICTIONS.

We look at some CONTENDERS or PRETENDERS, we hit up the GFsix FAN DOO GURU, we talk all about the Steelers vs the Bengals match up along with the Baker/Wilson trade.

We hit up some baseball with Albert Pujols 695 home runs, Aaron Judge 54 homers and those mighty Dodgers with that 100 plus wins for the forth straight year. Are they the best baseball team ever?

Why is Pete Rose not in the Hall Of Fame yet, will the Cardinals make the MLB playoffs this year, why are the Pirates the MLB's farm club..  We look at all this and more on the show.