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Our sports talk show hits on tons of sports topics every Wednesday at 7pm est. We feature our very own Top Ten Power Rankings, some Bold Predictions, we play the START-CUT-BENCH Game, we check out the M.V.P front runners and way more... We hit up the GFsix Fan Duel Guru skit, talk all about the NFL Games, preview the up coming week, tell you what games to watch and more. Then check out our NFL Football Friday Weekend Preview Show every Friday at 7pm est. It's a fast look at key games along with winners & losers predictions.

January 27, 2023


Join the host "Wesdog" And Co-Host "Double C" As They Get You All Fired Up For The NFL CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND. We hit up everything that happened in the divisional rounds with the Cowboys falling to the 49ers, the Eagles crushing the Giants dreams, the...

The GFsix Show's Sports Talk

January 21, 2023

The GFsix Show "NFL Divisional Showdowns"

Join your host "Wesdog" and "Double C" for some great sports talk. We look back at all the NFL action on wildcard weekend, that 27-0 come back from the Jags, the Cowboys beat down of the Patriots, The Bills hold on against the Dolphins, The Giants...

The GFsix Show's Sports Talk

January 13, 2023


The boys are back in action, Join your host "Wesdog" & "Double C" for the kick off of WILDCARD WEEKEND.. Tonight we hit up everything in the NFL's Wildcard Weekend match ups, will the 49ers beat the Seahawks, are the Cowboys in trouble vs Tom Brady and the...

The GFsix Show's Sports Talk

December 21, 2022

The GFsix Christmas Show "A Special Tribute To #32 Mr. Franco Harris"

Join your host 'Wesdog" & "Double C" for a very special CHRISTMAS SHOW. Tonight we say good bye to a Steelers Legend #32 Mr. Franco Harris with a special GFsix Tribute to him and talk about what he meant to all of Steeler Nation as well as all of the NFL...

The GFsix Show's Sports Talk

November 30, 2022

The GFsix Show "Sports Blitz"

Join hosts "Wesdog" & "Double C" for a sports blitz, we take a look back at the Steelers big win, the Browns win and the rest of the big NFL winners from week #12. We continue building our best NFL team with the secondary picks this week. We preview the...

The GFsix Show's Sports Talk

November 23, 2022


Join "Wesdog" & "Double C" for some great TURKEY & sports talk, tonight we are talking all about what happened in NFL in week #11, The Cowboys big blow out over the Vikings, The Eagles escape with a win, the Browns fall to the Bills and the Steelers fall to the Bengals...

The GFsix Show's Sports Talk

November 16, 2022


Join "Wesdog" & "Double C" as they start building their perfect NFL team, starting with the defensive line starters & back ups, then we take a look at all the MLB award winners, we check out some key NFL match ups Browns @ Bills, Bengals @ Steelers.

The GFsix Show's Sports Talk

November 09, 2022


On the show tonight, we got "Wesdog" "Double C" & "BK" in the studio, we look back at all of the wild games in the NFL week #9! Then we have some fun and create the perfect NFL QB using some of today's best NFL QB'S body parts.

The GFsix Show's Sports Talk

November 03, 2022

The GFsix Show "World Series, NFL, NBA & Beer"

Join "Wesdog" & "Double C" for a great night of sports talk. We hit up the great world series between the Phillies and Astro's, we talk all about week #8 in the NFL with close looks at the Steelers vs Eagles, The Browns vs Bengals.

The GFsix Show's Sports Talk

October 20, 2022


Join us for some great sports topics and a look back at all them NFL & MLB upsets. We check out the huge Steelers win over the Buccaneers, that crazy Browns blowout loss to the Patriots.

The GFsix Show's Sports Talk

October 13, 2022

The GFsix Show "NFL, MLB Playoffs & It's Hockey Time"

Join "Wesdog" & "Double C"as they look ahead at all the NFL week #6 action, then look back on that week #5 Steelers @ Bills blow out, that Chargers @ browns games.

The GFsix Show's Sports Talk

October 05, 2022

The GFsix Show "October" Playoff Baseball

Join "Wesdog" & "Double C" as they hit up all the MLB "OCTOBER" Playoff Baseball Games & get BK's takes on the Guardians, Astros and Yankees.

The GFsix Show's Sports Talk

September 28, 2022


Join "Wesdog" "Double C" & special in studio guest "BK" as they look at the action in week #3 in the NFL. We look at that Steelers @ Browns game and tell you what went wrong and right. We play some START-CUT-BENCH Game, Take a look at the new GFsix Top Ten Power Rankings and more..

The GFsix Show's Sports Talk

September 21, 2022

The GFsix Show "Big Time NFL Come Backs"

Join your hosts "Wesdog" & "Double C" as they take a look at the NFL big time come backs. We hit up that Steelers loss to them Patriots, The Browns Loss to the Jets and go all around the NFL with all the winners and losers for week #3

The GFsix Show's Sports Talk

September 14, 2022


Join your hosts "Wesdog" & "DC" as they hit up a crazy week of NFL UPSETS.

The GFsix Show's Sports Talk