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Will The Pittsburgh Penguins Get On Track.

Will The Pittsburgh Penguins Get On Track.

The Penguins Need To Start Playing defense And Fast.

As we look at this Pittsburgh Penguins team, we see some glaring problems, this team is not fast anymore, this team does not play defense and this team lacks hitting.  They need to stop trying to score every time they get the puck, sometimes it's OK to play dump and chase hockey when you have a 2 goal lead.

This team has no one that will return a big hit, I mean, when another team takes a cheap shot on Crosby, we need a guy who will return that same hit on them or at least stand up for there captain. Teams are now using cheap shots because they know that even if it's called a penalty the Penguins power play is so bad it won't matter, not to mention they know there is no one that will lay them out on the ice anymore.

The Penguins sit at 7-7-3 it's not a bad record, but it's also not a great record, the 3rd line is a problem, they need to make some changes to it and fast, the top line is solid but lacks a guy who will do damage in the crease, Crosby is playing his best hockey, Malkin still makes dumb penalties, but all in all he s playing good hockey, Tanger has been way off his game and needs to be the Tanger from last year.

Goalie T. Jarry has been a big disappointment this year, but I look for him to get it all fixed soon, guys like Gentz, Blueger and Kapp need to get back on track. The return of old man Carter will help the lines, Rust and Zucker need to bring some hitting to this team.

Play defense, use the clock, stay out of the penalty box, IMPROVE THE POWER PLAY and this team will be back on track. It's early in the season, but it's time to put it all together, slow down hit some body, don't be bullied on the ice. I know it's hard to play a different style of hockey then what you're used to playing, but when you get older, you get slower and right now you're playing slow, all you need to do is PLAY DEFENSE!

I'm not pushing no panic buttons right now, with the best player in the NHL in Crosby, I know this team and this coach will bring it all together. LETS GO PENS!