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Will the Pirates lose 100 again?

Will the Pirates lose 100 again?

It looks like the Pittsburgh Pirates will lose 100 again.

Why is it acceptable for the Pirates to continue to lose 100 plus games per season, are us fans just OK with losing year after year?

The ownership has failed this franchise for far to long, what needs to happen is force Bob Nutting out as owner and bring in a fresh new mind, someone that understands you need to spend a little money then in return you can have at least an average team. I'm not asking for a championship team, but one that can at least win 70 games.

The pirates sit at 49-80 and in 5th place yet again, why are we a farm team for the MLB. We have a solid player and he gets traded, I'm waiting for O. Cruze to get shipped out soon. M. Keller could be on the trade block too.

As a life long Pirates fan, it's sad to know that your baseball team will lose a 100 plus every year. Can we just sell the team today?

I miss the days of Vanslike, Bonilla, Bonds..  One of my favorite all timers was A. Mccuthen, but of course we trade him away for nothing.

Do us true Pirates fans just give up, why even start a new season to get the same results?