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Where Is The Steelers Passion At.

Where Is The Steelers Passion At.

The Steelers Fall To 2 & 6 On The Season & Now On Life Support.

Here we go again, another football Sunday and another Steelers loss, Where do we go from here? One thing for sure, this team has lost all of it's passion, you can see it with the players, the coaches and on the entire sideline. I have been a true die hard Steelers fan since 1970 and this is the first time in my 50 plus years that I see zero passion.

The Steelers offense is now 32nd in the NFL, how long do we continue to use a play caller that has no creativity with his plays nor does he set up another play based off of a play that worked. The time has come , it's been 29 games and we see the same plays over and over, we have no balance or no identity, we are a run run pass style. Our 3rd downs are at a record level, our non passing attack is pathetic, this offensive game plan is on COVID! Maybe if you can't fire Matt Canada at least you can DEMOTE HIM.

Football is 60% skill, 10% players and 30% passion and if you have no leaders or passion you are a 2-6 team. One thing to look forward to, is that T.J. Watt will be back in 2 weeks, will he bring a pass rush to help this defense look better? I say heck yeah, he will help this slow tiered looking defense be at least competitive in games.

All through training camp, we were all lied to, they told us Ben was the problem, he couldn't run play action, he couldn't go deep, that we needed a mobile QB that could use his legs, use the Tight Ends and use roll out passes. To date I have seen 2 roll outs from these mobile QBS, we do not use the middle of the field unless it's in the 4th QT and we see the same jet sweeps over and over and play calling that is no better then a high school team.

Cam Heyward is a stud and is the only guy I see that gives a damn about this team, guys look like they don't like the play calls and just jog to the line with no energy at all, we have a rookie QB that this team has in shotgun thinking he is going to make plays, he is learning on the fly, you can't expect him to be BEN, you know the guy you said was done, washed up ect....

The o.Line is dreadful and a lot of the time look out of position to block, they have no one that pan cakes a defender, they can barley hold off a pass rusher. the run game is completely dead because the defenses are playing in 10 man fronts because we don't dare pass a deep ball.

The defense plays bellow average and at times can't cover anyone, why we continue to use a soft zone over and over is mind blowing. Why not play some man press and punch the wrs at the line of scrimmage at least break up the routes and allow more time for the pass rush to get some pressure.

There is zero pass rush, we don't dare blitz or when we do blitz its from a soft zone package thats takes 25 seconds to get to the QB. Edmunds is always chasing wrs, he is a good tackler but that's it, he has zero ball skills, Minka was playing great and now looks like a guy who gets beat on every jump ball, our LBS have improved but how could they be any worse.  The secondary is just a mess, they are badly coached, they will not turn back for any pass plays, they can't pick off a pass if it hits them in the belly.

With this team at 2-6 we are now on life support with a 0.55 chance at making the playoffs, why not just use the rest of this year to see who wants to play and who would rather quit, lets move the quitters and move into next year with guys who want to play football and care about the jersey color you have on.

In the rest of the season lets play competitive football, I don't care about losing, I CARE ABOUT PASSION, I WANT TO SEE ENERGY ON THE FIELD.

I live for Steelers football, i never missed a game in 25 years, i live, eat and breathe Steelers football, this team needs to understand that this is the greatest franchise in pro sports and you should be honored to be a part of it. This fanbase is the best in all of sports and will continue to love this franchise, but WE ALL NEED HEART AND PASSION FROM THIS TEAM TODAY!