March Madness Is Under Way! Who You Got To Get To The Final Four?

The Super Bowl Is All Set.

The Super Bowl Is All Set.

The Super Bowl Teams Are All Set, Who Wins It?

The Chiefs get the win over the Bengals 23-20 with a great effort by QB Patrick Mahomes, he played the game with a high ankle sprain and had zero mobility, but still kept fighting it off to win the AFC championship, what a gamer.

The Bengals turned back into the Bungholes with a late personal foul flag with 7 seconds left on a dumb late hit on QB Patrick Mahomes that put the Chiefs in FG range, the kick was good and it sends the Chiefs and Andy Reed to another super bowl party.

The Bengals made it hard all night and Joe Burrow was under pressure all night long and still almost pulled off a great win. Late in the 4th it was 20-20 and the Bengals had a shot until Burrow was picked off on a lazy pass to Tee Higgens, that was the break the Chiefs needed and with 45 seconds left put a slow drive together, it looked like it was going to over time until Patrick took off out of the pocket and ran out of bounds when the Bengals LB took a goofy shot on him 3 yards out of bounds to get the free 15 yard flag and put K.C in business.

The NFC match up was a dud, the 49ers had zero QB play and the Eagles just took over the game, 49ers QB Perdy who was red hot winning 7 in a row took a shot on his right elbow that forced him out of the game, he returned but everyone knew his arm was done.

The Eagles played a solid defense and dominated the game from that point on with a 35-7 smashing, this puts the Eagles in and the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

I think if Mahomes can get healthy it will be a great game, if Mahomes can't move and the Chiefs WRS are not healthy it's going to be a long night for the Chiefs fans.

We have 2 weeks to see how the Chiefs can get some what healthy as well as J. Hurtz to get healthy. I think the Chiefs win it in a close game. 24-21.