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The Steelers Fall To The Ravens, All But Ends There Playoff Hopes.

The Steelers Fall To The Ravens, All But Ends There Playoff Hopes.

The Steelers fall to the Ravens at home 16-14.

Who gets most of the blame for this loss? Is it the Mitch 3 picks or is it the run defense? I would say it's the combination of both, but to see a 100 million dollar defense get ran on like that was sad.The highest paid defense in the entire NFL has to be able to stop a broken leg RB and a 3rd string QB and an offensive line with a rookie starting at LT.

With Pickett sidelined in the first qt with a head concussion the Steelers were doomed to start, Trubiski came in and stunk up the place, his 3 interceptions inside the Ravens red zone were the ball game, there were other factors, but 3 picks sealed the deal and the faith of the Steelers.

The defense for the most part held it's own until late in the 4th qt when the Ravens just ran it down there throats, the Ravens played with a broken leg RB in Dobbins and a 3rd string QB as there back up went out late with a concussion of his own. The defense couldn't stop the Ravens run game all day long, our ILBS were just useless, I'm to the point now that we can say that Devin Bush is a bust and a bad pick. Spillane is nothing more then a tackler, he can't cover me.

The defensive scheme was a joke, knowing that the Ravens couldn't pass with a 3rd string at QB, they continued to play soft zone and never pulled the safeties up to help with the run game. We've seen this all year long and no one bothers to change it. It cost the Steelers this game.

The special teams showed its ugly play as our so called all world punter shanks a punt 17 yards giving the Ravens a short field and a chip shot FG. We did how ever see the Steelers target Pickens who to me should be targeted at least 10 times a game but for some reason is not. The run game was horrid as the Ravens just played a gap crash style defense that shut our run game out all game. Our O. Line was getting better just looked like garbage all game long.

Tomlin again made zero adjustments at halftime, I understand the game was close, but at least pull your safeties up to help stop a run game, it's all they had. The stadium knew they were going to run it and they did. The retirement of S. Tuit was a huge blow to this def line and with Alu Alu looking like a shell of himself the def line was beaten all day.

Heyward was double teamed all game and no one else could get any movement nor could they stop the run. T.J. Watt is playing hurt and didn't do much but what ever happened to Highsmith, he is now M.I.A not sure why his production is long gone.

The secondary played average but there was not a lot of passing as the Ravens ran it down our throats all game long. At this point do we try to win out or do we just fold and get some better draft picks, I would never say to play to lose but with all the needs on this football team we could really use some picks.

The Steelers sit at 5-8 and if Pickett is out why not use Mason at QB, he makes 5 million per year to be a fan watching a game just like you and me. Mitch has proved he is horrid at reading the field and with our high school play calling he looks even worse. After 32 games It's time to fire the O.C. Matt Canada along with the D.C. there is nothing that they bring to this team.

If the Steelers could win out at be 9-8 they would still need some miracles to happen for them to get into the playoffs, would 9-8 be a positive, yes, but would you be confident with this team next year? We need to address the O.Line, the DEF LINE, inside LBS, invest in some CBS who can locate the ball and cut Edmunds, Bush and Spillane.