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The NHL's Winter Classic Is Pure Golden.

The NHL's Winter Classic Is Pure Golden.

The Winter Classic Game Was Pure Magical.

This year's game featured 2 of the very best NHL franchises to ever play on the ice, the Penguins vs the Bruins at historical Fenway Park in Boston. The Pens struck early with a Kapernan goal, but in the 3rd period the Pens gave up 2 goals one goal late with just under 3 min to play.

The game was just plain awesomeness, the history of both teams where un matched, the Pens lost it 2-1 but played hard and without red hot goaltender Jarry in the net as he was injured early in the 1st period, they turned to Desmith and he played a solid game, but let in the game winner late.

The Bruins are on fire and play great hockey and look to be the team that could be in it for the cup this year, they play great defense and never seem to panic if down a goal or two. They have a red hot goalie that is 20-0-1 and is making saves all over the net.

Loved the players that came to the park wearing there respective 1920's baseball teams jersey's and full uniforms, it was a classic look on both teams and really made this event even better, the crowd was awesome, the sing along was crazy fun, the only thing that would of made it better for me was a Penguins win.

All in all it was an amazing event for the NHL and if you missed it, you should go re watch it, it was that good. The Pens are on a 4 game losing streak and this is not the time to fall behind teams, there is still a lot of hockey to play and the team needs to get back the game they were playing during that killer win streak.

It all starts with defense, the Pens tease us with it here and there, i just wish they would smash people in the net and with Tanger coming back the power play could get back to that winning form during the winning streak. No panic from this team, we have time to make a move.