March Madness Is Under Way! Who You Got To Get To The Final Four?

The Michigan Wolverines Just Dominated Ohio State 45-23.

The Michigan Wolverines Just Dominated Ohio State 45-23.

The #3 Ranked Wolverines Showed Us All That They Can Play Football Against Anyone.

The #3 ranked Wolverines just man handled the #2 ranked Buckeye's in Columbus, something we have not seen since 2000, they came to play and they made that Buckeye's defense look really bad. What will this do to the Buckeye's title bid, how far will this drop them in the polls. If it was a close loss maybe we keep them in the top 6 but after this blow out at home I think we drop them out of the title bid, no need to see them get dominated worse by the Bulldogs.

We now seen that the Wolverines are for real with this win, there schedule was lame up until now, they proved they can run the ball and have a QB that can make the deep passes, something we didn't see all year with him. The Wolverine defense can play with anybody, but do you think they can play with Georgia if it gets that far?

The Clemson blown game to South Carolina could allow the Buckeye's to stay in the title chase and we still have a few other big games to go until we know who's in and who's out. I think the Tide is out of it this year chase, but never say never with them.

T.C.U pulled off a miracle win last week to stay undefeated and if they win today will be 12-0. Let's not get to excited for them if they end up playing that Georgia monster team. I don't see any team playing with the Georgia Bulldogs at all, the Wolverines look like they might be in the national title game vs the mighty Bulldogs and I'm ready to say that Michigan has a shot, but would need another great game like the one they got playing the Buckeye's.

Auburn plays Alabama and this could get the Tide back in it with a big win over them, but I think if its a close game or a close win the Tide won't get in the hunt. L.S.U should be in the hunt with a win, we still have to see what happens in the championship games, there could be some up sets there that could some how get the Tide back to the title game. Never give Nick Sabin a shot or he will grab it. 

Hat's off to Jim Harbaugh and his entire coaching staff for getting his team ready on all sides of the ball and just smacking the Buckeye's in the face over and over. Great win Wolverines.

What will this do for the Heisman trophy, Does it take C.J. Stroud out of the race with his bad game vs the Wolverines or can he win it based on his crazy numbers all year? It looks to be a good race now and a few guys now have a shot at that trophy.

#1 Georgia looks to be this year's monster college team, but we seen big up sets before, should be fun to watch if we can get another game from the Wolverines like we got in this BIG GAME. All eyes will turn to the championship weekend next week.