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The Hall Of Fame Snubbs Steelers Great WR Hines Ward.

The Hall Of Fame Snubbs Steelers Great WR Hines Ward.

Steelers Great Hines Ward Don't Make The Cut.

The Hall Of Fame Comity screws the Steelers once again as they don't vote in Steelers WR Hines Ward, it's time for the fans to vote in the players because those old farts that do the voting somehow miss on legit Hall Of Famers every year. First it's L.C. Greenwood now it's Hines Ward & James Harrison who don't get in.

Lets look at the stats from a 3rd ballot induction Michael Irvin and compare them to my guy Hines Ward

Receptions: Hines-1000. Irvin-750
Receiving yards: Hines- 12,083. Irvin-11,904
Tds: Hines-85. Irvin-65
Hall of fame: Michael Irvin- 3rd ballot. Hines Ward- WTF.
As you can see they enshrine guys with far less numbers then guys they seem to SNUBB! Do they not see that Michael Irvin NEVER BLOCKED like my guy Hines Ward did. What makes one guy a H.O.F.Player and the other not? It's a joke that L.C. Greenwood is not in the hall but now it's getting real stupid when you pass up a guy like Hines Ward not to mention James Harrison who also has the greatest play in the SUPER BOWL you goofs.
We should all just boycott the Hall Of Fame and just let it close down, what is the point of just putting in guys with less numbers all because you think there are to many Steelers in there already. Harrison should go in in 2024 and hopefully the old asses get the voting correct and get Hines in with Harrison. Or Steeler Nation will come looking for them old ass voters.