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The Browns New Elf On The 50 Yard Line

The Browns New Elf On The 50 Yard Line

Why did the Browns want to add on the elf to there field?

If you're like me then you're probably wondering why did the Browns add that goofy elf to the 50 yard line, it's so confusing because don't the fans of this team bark like dogs and wasn't they named after a color? Where does this elf character come in at?

let's dive more into this fan base, first off this fan base is loyal to say the least, the Browns have been a disappointment for nearly 3 decades, there team has even seen an 0-16 campaign along with a 4-44 in a 4 year span and yet the true Browns fans stayed loyal.

Back to this elf character, the claim it was voted on by the fans, but every fan I spoke to said they voted no on it, it makes the team look and feel strange, it even kind of reminds me of that keebler elf that makes cookies. I'm not sure why they would even consider placing that thing on there 50 yard line, but that must be a Browns thing.

With this new elf on there field will they now stop barking and talking about there dog pound or does this elf bark with them, why would they do this? Was it a sponsors idea, did they get paid for it or was it just forced on the fans.

Don't get me wrong here, a lot of teams had some strange idea's, take for instance the Steeler and Steeley Mcbeam, but at least it was created for the kids and not the fans or that goofy Patriot mascot in New England or even that Indian that rode out on that house in Denver all a bit strange, but none are as bad as that elf. Did you happen to see the elf, he looks mad and angry, I think the elf should of been a big dog, that way the barking fans would be understood.

Hey Browns, it's a weird elf and is a bad idea, who ever decided on it should be looking for a new job.