March Madness Is Under Way! Who You Got To Get To The Final Four?

The Astro's Win It All.

The Astro's Win It All.

The Houston Astro's Win The World Series.  4 games to 2.

The Astro's prove to be to much for the battle tested Phillies in the World Series, the Astro's never seem to panic, even when Wheeler was on point on the mound, 0-0 into the 5th inning then the Phillies get a big home run and make it 1-0. The Astro's get a monster 3 run shot in the 6th to make it 3-1 and never looked back as they unleash there killer bull pen.

Hats off to Dusty Baker the Astro's manager, it took him a while to get that ring, but he finally gets the job done, congrats Dusty, you deserved this one.

The Astro's rookie shortstop looked right at home winning the NLCS M.V.P then grabbing the world series M.V.P trophy, the kid looks like a solid player for years to come and the Astro's look like a team that can get here a few more times. The team is solid from top to bottom and can hit for power or average, they can play great defense along with great base running speed.

The Phillies where never supposed to be here and hung in there all playoffs long, it was a great ride for them and they showed everyone that when a team can get hot they can make some noise.

The MLB playoffs were amazing, I have enjoyed all the games along with all the up sets, I picked the Astro's and Dodgers and the Atro's to win it all, I was half correct.

Thanks M.L.B for a fun ride, the fans enjoyed it all. See you next year for sure.