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Steelers Show Some Amazing Heart & Keep Playoff Hopes Alive.

Steelers Show Some Amazing Heart & Keep Playoff Hopes Alive.

The Steelers Just Ran The Ball Down The Ravens Throats All Night Long & Get That 16-13 Win.

The Steelers keep showing the world why they are a great franchise, from 2-6 to now being 8-8 all with a rookie QB, an O.C that only calls high school plays, major injuries and the youngest O.line in all of football. Coach Tomlin has took this team from a joke to a contender and with some help a playoff birth.

They get the win 16-13 over the hated Ravens at there house, they run it for 198 yards and dominate up front vs the NFL's 3rd best run defense. All the Tomlin haters who all wanted him fired are now trying to climb back on the ship, All the Najee is a bad draft choice haters are now seeing what this kid brings to the team, he is a tough SOB and runs angry and now this young O.Line is moving people in spaces.

As I said all year long, this team has players and with a healthy T.J. Watt is a dominant defense that could hang with any team in the NFL. KP8 has grown up right in front of all of our eyes and continues to make plays, he is starting to look like a solid NFL QB one that could be the future in Pittsburgh.

Coach Tomlin has this team fired up, things are finally working and even with poor play calling, this team makes things happen. I'm proud to say that Tomlin is my damn coach. I never jump ship nor give up on this group, unlike a ton of Steeler fans, ESPN talking heads, Ryan Clark, Steven A Smith, Mark Madden and so on, I LIVED AND DIE WITH THIS TEAM TO THE END.

This offense is young and if you look around there are kids all over the place, we need a few pieces on defense and this team is set for the next 10 years. People wanted to rebuild, glad we didn't need to do that, we re loaded and it's solid. Yeah yeah, I know that scoring under 20 a game is a concern, but lets not forget we have an O.C. that is beyond poor at play calling and will be gone after the season.

I love where this team is at and this team show's a ton of heart and continue to play hard for Mike Tomlin, with one game to go vs the Cleveland Browns, this team has a great shot at a playoff birth with a win here and a Dolphins loss to the Jets with a Patriots loss to the Bills and we are IN THE PLAYOFFS.

Don't tell me we will be one and done, if you watch the NFL you should understand that ANY TEAM ON ANY DAY CAN BEAT ANY TEAM. Our defense is built for this league, if our run game can do what they have done for the last 4 weeks and blow up defenses it makes for a fun ride.

Don't count us out and if you jumped off the ship, I invite you all back on it with me.  LET'S GO GET THAT WIN!