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Steelers Pull Off The Win And Keep There Playoff Heartbeat Beating.

Steelers Pull Off The Win And Keep There Playoff Heartbeat Beating.

The Steelers Beat The Raiders 13-10 And Stay In The Hunt.

It was a magical night as the Steelers say fair well to a Steelers Icon Franco Harris, retiring his number and celebrating the 50 year immaculate reception play that changed the Steeler franchise forever. It was great to say so many fans brave the -12 temps and show love to his wife and son.

The game looked like so many that we have seen all year, the defense was dominant but the offense was soft all night long, the defense kept giving the ball back to the offense and just hoping for it to score. It was a night that seen Bozworth the Steelers reliable kicker miss 2 easy FG's, it was a night that seen Cam Heyword shoot out of the tunnel with a #32 flag and play his best game of the season.

How Heyward is not in the pro bowl is a joke, he has been the leader of this team all year long, always plays with passion and hope. Highsmith was another pro bowl snub, it's beginning to look like the pro bowl is meaningless today.

The offense finally came to like with 2:35 left in the 4th qt down by 4 Pickett took the team on his back with Najee and Mooth getting key plays on a drive that ended up in the endzone to WR G. Pickens for the game winner. It almost seemed like a higher power was watching over the game.

Hats off to the defense, they showed some great heart all night long even when there offense stunk it up for 3 QTS, in the end it all worked out for the good guys and has kept there playoff heart beat beating for at least another week. They will need to win both there last 2 games vs the Ravens And Browns and hope the Dolphins can drop there last 2 as well as the Patriots and Jets both losing one of there next 2 games. Never say Never!

I do see the Steelers winning both games and Tomlin again showing the football world why he is a great football head coach in the NFL. a 9-8 record with a rookie QB and all the injuries and the horrid play calling he got from Matt Canada should stop all the NON SENSE of him being fired.

The Steelers @ Ravens game has been flexed from a 1pm game to a Sunday Night Game, we will know if the Dolphins have lost there game early, should be a tough hard hitting game and one that this time the Steelers will STOP the Ravens run game that a few weeks ago could NOT.

Steeler Nation is a class fan base that understands football like no other fan base, who has passion and dedication to the franchise for years and years, I'm proud to be a part of this fan base and of this great franchise, NEVER SAY NEVER!