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Steelers Offense is PUTRID in week #2

Steelers Offense is PUTRID in week #2

When will the Steelers ever get an offensive coordinator.

Week #2 the Steelers get stunned by the Patriots.. AGAIN! When will we ever get to beat Bill Bellickeck, no T. Brady, No Gronk and it's still the same old loss to them.

Let's start with why M. Trubiky never runs a roll out slant back pass that every other NFL team runs 3 times a game, why will he panic in the pocket and take the under pass instead of waiting for the deeper pass to develop. Didn't we blame all this stuff on Ben last year, this is the same play calling we have seen in the last 5 years in Pittsburgh.

The draft pick of G. Pickens looks like a wasted pick as our offense play calling refuses to even look his way, the kid is a monster and we will probably never get to see. The team looked flat and looked like Tomlin just played to not lose the game, he needs to let it go, play to win, be creative with play calling. Our wide receivers or top 10 in the NFL and we continue to use 3 yard pass plays.

M. Trubisky plays QB in a panic mode, he seems to just want to not get hit, Najee has no day light, when defenses play us using a nine man front, he will never be in any open space and the O.Line will never get any push vs that style defense. The only way to get the defense out of that nine and 10 man front is to go DEEP!

The defense was a non factor, they had zero sacks, zero pass rush and once again they can't stop the run when it counts, the Patriots ran it down their throats with 6 minutes left late in the game to end it, with T.J. Watt out, this is just a basic defense, they can't even get off the field on 3rd downs.

Giving up a huge 45 yard pass with 22 seconds left at the half was a game killer. The muffed punt when the defense finally made a stop was a deadly muff, giving them the ball at the 15 and an easy score.

What needs to change... the play calling or the defensive scheme? I would say both are in trouble, it's just 2 games in and we have seen a poor offense and a great defense and now a poor defense. The patriots will most likely beat us with Billy Bob at QB. We always play a different style game vs them.

We can't sit on this game, we have to be ready on Thursday night for the Browns, who lost to the Jets at home, by the way the Ravens blew a 20 point lead vs the Dolphins at home too, at least we have that to be happy about.

How long until we see Kenny Picket, will it even matter if he starts with this play calling? Will Najee break a 100 yard game this season?  Lots of questions for this team and this season.