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Steelers Keep A Playoff Heart Beat.

Steelers Keep A Playoff Heart Beat.

The Steelers Keep There Playoff Hopes Alive With 24-16 Win Over The Panthers.

Never say never, the Steelers played a solid game vs the Panthers and today I think I owe our O.Line some major props, I was a guy that bashed them for not getting any push up front, never dominating a def line or even creating running holes for the rb's. Today they DOMINATED THE GAME!

The Steelers run game reminded me of some old style Steelers football, power football. QB m. Trubisky looked like he had a little passion as I finally seen him give a slight fist pump on a play, he played a solid game, D. Johnson finally looked like a number #1 WR with 10 catches, Najee ran hard and angry, had a solid game, I like the 1-2 punch with Najee and Warren.

The run defense was outstanding, the best I have seen them play all year, after last weeks melt down vs the ravens run game, I think this team said to them self, NO ONE IS RUNNING IN THIS GAME. The pass defense was another issue, they continue to use slow ILB'S to cover WRS in a soft zone, I understand why you have to play zone every play, but sometimes you can wreck an offense with some man press.

There was a few BONE HEAD PLAYS and one by M. Allen on a 4th and 27 that gave the Panthers a free first down, that was just plain stupid, can you imagine if Mr. Lambert was on this team and he did that? O MY! The other BONE HEAD PLAY was from D. Johnson, but he more then made up for it with 10 catches and some key 3rd down clutch catches.

Tomlin did a solid job with adjustments and the offense had a 21 play TD drive, I never seen that coming from this crew. Boz made a super kick that took all the fear out of the game and the Steelers looked like a football team today!

At 6-8 and the Patriots & Jets losing, the Steelers still have a slight heartbeat. We will need the Jets to lose 2 of 3, the Patriots to lose 2 of 3 and the Chargers to lose 2 of 3, we play the Raiders and the Browns and could just beat them, the Steelers need to win all 3 and hope.  NEVER SAY NEVER!