March Madness Is Under Way! Who You Got To Get To The Final Four?

Steelers Get The Win, But Still Miss The Playoffs.

Steelers Get The Win, But Still Miss The Playoffs.

The Steelers Do There Part And Defeat The Browns 28-14 But The Dolphins Won There Game 9-6 To Get In.

With all that needed to happen for the Steelers to get in with 2 weeks remaining in the season it almost looked like it was all going to happen and get the Steelers into the playoffs. Week 17 they needed to win, the jets to lose and the dolphins to lose all 3 things happened, then in week 18 they needed to win and the Patriots and Dolphins needed to lose and it was so close, but the Dolphins kicked a FG late in the 4t to seal there win and grab that 7th seed in the playoffs.

The Steelers who started 2-6 finished on fire at 7-2 giving Tomlin his 16th year as a non losing season, hat's off to Mike Tomlin for keeping this team together and almost pulling of a playoff birth with a raw rookie QB, an O.C that called high school play calls, an O.Line that in the beginning was horrid, WRS that didn't want to run routes or block, a run game that was horrid and a defense that lost T.J. Watt. All to get them to a 9-8 record and one game short of a playoff spot.

The Steelers just beat up the Browns, they punched them in the face all game and the Browns just bowed out, the defense had 2 pics and killed Watson 7 times and could of had 5 more sacks on him, they shut down the Browns run game and if not for Watson running for his life could of put up more points. Highsmith has shown that he is a solid OLB with another great game and 14.5 sacks on the season, Cam Heyward played OUTSTANDING ALL YEAR, T.J. Was T.J. I was really impressed with Kazzee and Wallace and would love to see the Steelers keep these 2 guys here next year,

Devin Bush has played his finale game in a Steelers uniform, his pick in the draft was a bust, Edmunds could be brought back at a good price, Sutton was solid, I would keep Spillane. We need to develop the young LBS that got some playing time and played good football. Guys like Alu Alu, Peir, should be cut.

The offense has a solid QB in Kenny Pickett, a superstar WR in Pickens, Johnson is a solid WR, Najee was a monster in the 2nd half and Warren is a must keep, I liked what I seen from the O.Line, but we need some depth there in the draft. We need to find 2 ILBS with speed, a great man cover CB and a replacement for Cam because of his age. I like the Little Heyward at T.End behind Mooth. It's a solid team for 2023.

I hope we seen the last of Matt Canada as the O.C. but I understand that Pickett will get the last say on whether he stays or goes, T. Austen defensive Cord was great the 2nd half of the season and is a keeper, The O.Line coach done a solid job, special teams was above average and our Head coach is not going no where no matter what all you haters say.

All in All I was excited for the chance to get into the playoffs but it was still a solid season and now looks exciting, I had a great time all year and had a blast wit this team. I can't wait to do it all again next year.

Thank You Steelers for a fun year!