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Steelers Get SMASHED.

Steelers Get SMASHED.

The Steelers Get Blown Out By The Bills 38-3.

Another game with the same results, only this time it was against an NFL power house team in the Bills. Josh Allen could of had 600 yards if they would of left him in the full game, but when you go up 38-3 in the 3rd, it's probably a good idea.

What started out as a promising start of the game and pinning the Bills deep at there own 2 yard line, the Steelers had them with a 3rd and 10 and a chance to make a statement, but then on 3rd and 10 from inside his own end zone, Josh Allen completes a 98 yard TD to take any and all life out of the Steelers sideline.

Then to top it off, the Steelers muff the kickoff and give the Bills the ball inside the Steelers 35, the Steelers showed some fight and sacked Allen and forced a punt. From that point on it was all Bills as they did whatever they wanted to the Steelers defense all day. It was one of the worst defenses I have ever seen in a Steelers uniform.

The offense play calling turned to Kenny Picket starting his first NFL game but the play calling FAILED HIM, calling run after run on every first down and gaining a massive 12 1st down runs for 12 yards. The Steelers have become predictable, defenses don't fear them no more and until the team can show some toughness, defenses will continue to use 10 man fronts and kill our O.Line.

Pickett did show some good fight & played a solid game, at least he looked like he had a heart beat and was getting passes off to our WRS, D. Johnson again had a few more drops and C. Claypool continues to be M.I.A. Another bright spot was the play of WR G. PICKENS, he again made tough catches and seems to be Kenny's go to WR.

Tomlin and his defense staff needs to look in the mirror because they got MAN HANDLED just like the team did, why does the middle of the Steeler defense look NON EXISTENT, why is every WR wide open?  Why do we continue to use SLOW ILB's TO COVER WRS? Why play soft zone all game long?  So many questions with NO ANSWERS!

Will the Steelers find a way to turn this season around or is it time to call it a rebuilding year, not sure why the team told us all them lies at training camp, was it just to steal our money? You told us this defense was elite, you said our O.C Matt Canada (Who could be the worst O.C. we have every had) needed a mobile QB to run his offense and Ben was to slow & to OLD, you said we would use QB roll outs and natural RB screens to Najee and we don't do any of it. 

If you're like me a true diehard Steeler fan for 50 plus years, then you'll understand when I tell you WE BEEN HERE BEFORE, remember 1983, 84, 85, 86 the Mark Malone/Bubby Brister years, it was a long and hard fight to get back on top, but I still believe in Mike Tomlin and most of these players are young and without T.J. the defense looks lost in space, we WILL GET BACK, STEELER NATION DON'T EVER QUIT!