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Steelers Get A Wild Win 23-20 In OT Against The Bengals.

Steelers Get A Wild Win 23-20 In OT Against The Bengals.

What a crazy NFL game that was in week one in the Steelers @ The Bengals.

All eyes were locked on M. Trubisky in Pittsburgh as the starting QB in place of long time legend QB B. Rothlisberger, M. Trubisky played an average game, he managed it, it wasn't pretty nor was it ugly, it was a game that showed us all that he needs great play calling to be better.

As far as the play calling, I think M. Canada's offense was horrid, the no screens or the no slant passing game was the same old play calling we all seen last year. I thought M. Trubisky would be on bootlegs and roll outs, he was just a QB in the pocket and when he had open space to run, he ran sideways.

What excited me was that DEFENSE, they had super J. Burrow running for his life all game long, it was old school Steeler style defense for sure, love the shifts and the blitz packages, A. Highsmith has shown he could be a guy that can now help T.J. Watt out, with 3 sacks and 6 tackles Highsmith was dominant.

M. Fitzpatrick played the best game I have ever seen a Steeler safety play, yes, I understand what I just said and I know we had a guy named Troy too. Minka was insane all game making 10 tackles, a pick 6 and playing outstanding coverage all day long, he even had a blocked extra point. If not the best game at safety then for sure a top 3 game.

C. Heyward & the rest of the defense played lights out all game, forcing 5 turn overs and getting amazing pressure on J. Burrow all game, if the offense can be a little above average, this team will be in it at the end.

I'm still good with M. Trubisky at QB, I love the kid K. Pickett but just not yet. NOOOOOO we are not firing Tomlin, that's GOOFY TALK!

It was a game that seen the kickers miss field goals all over the place, but when BOZZ got another shot at winning it did anyone thing he was not making it again? The game looked crazy stat wise, the Steelers managed just 267 total yards to the Bengals 432 it was 13 first downs for the Steelers and the Bengals got a whopping 32. The Steelers offense kept putting our defense back on the field and you could see the defense was getting gassed.

The Bengals had 94 plays ran vs 61 for the Steelers but the Steelers had 7 sacks vs 1 for the Bengals the most alarming stat of the game was T.O.P Steelers had it 26:32 min vs 43:28 min for the Bengals. That entire 4th QT it was all Bengals offense on the field.

With all the great news, we do have a major injury to T.J. Watt who was killing it all game long with 6 tackles, one of them looked deadly on J. Mixen, he had a pic and was dominating all day. He looked to suffer a late 4th qt peck injury, that will get an M.R.I on Tuesday, let's all pray it's not a season ending injury. N. Harris also got injured but his injury looks to be not that bad. A few more injuries to report was CB L. Wallace shoulder and C. Heyward just looked to be gassed.

With all that said, A WIN IS A WIN 23-20 Steelers Win It In Overtime! I'm proud of how the Steeler's defense DOMINATED THE GAME and we got that WIN! Maybe now them annoying Bengals fan's will SHUT UP!