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Steelers Get A Much Needed Win VS The Colts.

Steelers Get A Much Needed Win VS The Colts.

The Steelers Play A Solid Football Game On Monday Night Football.

It's been a while since we seen our offensive line get that much movement upfront, the Steelers run game had over 175 yards on the ground and if finally looked like this team could get some much needed push from the O.Line. They even ran a RB screen and I seen 2 O. Linemen pull out on the play.

Kenny Picket played solid QB, but I still wanted to see him take more shots with Pickens down field, all in all he did what he had to and get the team a win, he used his legs on a few plays and it was fun to see. I liked what Najee and Snell were able to do and almost fell out of my chair when I seen a few giant holes for our RBS. Pickens made another crazy catch, but that's what I come to expect from him now.

The defense was dominant in the first half holding the Colts to under 60 total yards, they looked fast and where all flying around making plays, they had Ryan looking scared all game. Up 16-3 at the half it was looking like maybe, just maybe we could finally blow out a team, but then we kicked off to start the 3rd and of course they returned it 89 yards and got the spark they needed to get right back in the game.

They scored 14 points in the 3rd and took a 17-16 lead and I could hear all of Steeler Nation yelling at there T.V, but in the 4th the Steelers showed some heart and got a solid drive and TD to take the lead back, the defense allowed the Colts to drive down and almost tie it up late in the game, but hung on to get the victory.

At 4-7 and with the Ravens losing to the Jags, it kept us on life support, but we are now breathing better, can the Steelers run the table? win there last 7 games? They would need to win 10 to have a shot at the playoffs because of all the division losses, but with games left with the Ravens, Browns this team still has a shot.

Next up it's the Falcons, the Falcons are not playing good football and have a defense I think we can run on, we need the same kind of energy next week as we got this week and we could pull off another win heading into the RAVEN GAME. This team needs to get to 7-7 and then stuff will matter.

You have to love how Steeler Nation showed up in Indy and just took over another stadium, I tell you one thing, this team has a great fan base, Tomlin gave a tip of his cap to all the haters with this win and it was well deserved. Yeah, the Colts are not that good but when your not that good either, a win means a lot.

Steeler Nation lets start the rally to win 7 in a row one game at a time, 6 more to go, turn your hats around, sit on the edge of your seat, stand up and be loud, lets get crazy, NEVER SAY NEVER IN THE NFL!