March Madness Is Under Way! Who You Got To Get To The Final Four?

Steeler Nation Never, EVER Quits.

Steeler Nation Never, EVER Quits.

What is the real problem with the Steelers? Do we fire the O.C TODAY?

After watching that game on Thursday Night, we came away with a few good things, first off the O.Line looked a lot better, Najee had some nice holes and was running with power. The O. Line was getting solid push something we have not seen in a while, the pass blocking was solid and they dominated the Browns pass rush start Myles Garett all night long.

M. Trubisky looked better as he finally used a few roll outs and even had a bootleg for a TD. I still don't like his body language or his lack of passion or excitement, he just seems like a guy that has no interest in playing QB. His passing mechanics are very strange as he seems to be always falling backwards on his passes. He can't read the field as there were WRS open all over the place.

As far as the offensive play calling, this is were i get completely confused, we will not call any passes in the middle of the field, we drafted a great T. End in P. Freiermuth and never seem to use him in the seams, we call dives on 85% of first downs and defenses are stacking the box because they have no fear of any play action passes at all.

We do not use any natural RB screens with pulling blockers nor do we use any motions, why not send Najee in motion and line him up in the slot as a WR? He has great hands and in open space he is deadly. G. Pickens had an amazing catch but we continue to not target him, he has 5 catches for 65 yards, he is a superstar waiting to dominate.

Think of this, what if Kelsey was on this team would anyone know who he was? He would just be a blocker like Pat is now. Our O.C M. Canada told us all in training camp that he was going to have motion and use a FB in the I formation, he said we would use Najee in motion to create mis matches, all this seems like a LIE.

The defense takes some blame, but when you're on the field for 40 plus minutes per game because your offense goes 3 n out like its the cool thing to do all day, you will get GASSED. Not sure I understand why our best player is playing 25 yards of the line of scrimmage vs a Browns team that is a running team? Why not pull him up to help stop the run?

The Browns used 3 step drops and we never adjusted at halftime, they used there T.End all night in the same seam in THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD ALL NIGHT. They ran counter left and right and hit the WR on the sideline out most of the night. WE NEVER ADJUSTED.

The Steelers have a big decision to make for week #4 vs the Jets, do we continue with M. Trubisky at QB or do we make the move to the kid K. Pickett?  I say let's go one more week with Trubisky and if he can't move us in the first QT, we bring in the kid.

He will bring some natural energy and the fans would go crazy, he has a way better arm and will be excited to take over, the team could rally around Pickett and play football.

The bench seat is getting warm Mitch, it's time to ball out, show some passion and energy or take a seat.

Let me not forget T. Edmunds who just CAN'T COVER ANYONE or D. BUSH who gets lost in blocks or Spillane who never seems to be in the correct holes.  It's a tough road to go, but we been here before.