March Madness Is Under Way! Who You Got To Get To The Final Four?

Pre-season game #3 thoughts.

Pre-season game #3 thoughts.

Looks like M. Trubisky has made a statement for the starting QB job.

With the 2022 preseason completed it looks like we have found our starting QB, it will be M. Trubisky gets it done with a solid game going 15 for 19 for a cool 160 yards and a TD. K. Pickett was just as good all preseason, but I think we go with Mitch.

The offensive line continues to be a mess, getting pushed around and getting flagged for holding all night, we need to pick a starting 5 and just let them work together.

Everyone was holding there breath as T.J. Watt left the game with a sore knee on a low block by Hockenson, he looked to be fine on the sideline so we can all breathe now. Another injury came to D. Johnson and J. Kazee, Johnson hurt his shoulder on a great catch and Kazee hurt his hand on a tackle. Both look to be OK.

The defense first stringers looked dominant but it was only the Lions so lets not get over hyped just yet. The run defense had a few break downs, but the pass defense looked solid.

Is it just me or does the play calling with M. Canada look way better with a mobile QB running it, I even seen a few screens and reverses.

WR T. Vaughns has got to make a spot, him and S. Simms both looked good all preseason. Tight end P. Freiermuth looked like a stud and G. Pickens was solid.

I liked what i saw from L. Ogunjobi, M. Fitzpatrick and T. Norwood on the defensive side, T.J. and C. Heyward with M. Jack looked season ready.

I'm excited to start the 2022 season, just got to hope our O.LINE gets it together and FAST! Hey, Mike can you get on there asses...