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Minka Fitzpatrick Dominated

Minka Fitzpatrick Dominated

Have you ever seen a Steelers safety play a better game then him?


This one will sound a bit harsh, but it has to be said. If you listened to the GFsix Show you probably heard what I said about Minka's great game, if you missed the show, here is what I said:   I have never seen a steeler's safety ever play this good of a game! 

Yes, I understand we had a guy who wore number 43 named Troy that played safety for us and was the best we ever seen and is also a hall of fame player at the position, I'm only talking about ONE GAME, yeah, Troy was amazing and made a ton of huge plays, but can you tell me a game that matches what Minka did vs the Bengals on Sunday?

Here is Minka's game stats: 14 tackles, great coverage, broke up 3 passes, had a pick 6, blocked a game winning extra point and O yeah, was named the AFC Defensive Player Of The Week.

No matter what you say or think, this guy showed us all what he can do on the football field, don't get me wrong Troy is in my top 5 Steelers of all time, but maybe Minka will be in the conversation one day.

If they allow Minka to do what Troy did when playing, the sky is the limit for him, he was snubbed last year and didnt get voted to the All Star Game, I think that is why he has something to prove this year. After just one game he has opened a lot of eyes for sure.