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Is The Door Shut On The Steelers Season.

Is The Door Shut On The Steelers Season.

Steelers Fall To The Bengals 37-30.

At 3-7 can we now put the last nail in the Steelers coffin? They came to play and the offense scored 30 points, but all for not as the Bengals just had to any drives and 4 plays over 25 yards. With Joe Nixon out I really thought we could get tons of pressure on Joe Burrow, we did get some pressure and an insane pick by T.J. Watt but it just wasn't enough to slow him down, he connected on 24 of 39 for 355 yards and 4 TDS.

The Steelers offense was effective in the first half taking a 20-17 lead into halftime, but like we've seen all year long with this team, the 2nd half adjustments by the Bengals defense took over the 2nd half. The play calling by Matt Canada was once again a major let down, his play calling is noting more then a high school play book.

His offense went three and out 4 times in the 3rd qt and had the Steelers defense gassed, they just couldn't get off the field, they even gave our offense the ball at mid field and our offense could do nothing with it. You can't hate on the defense as they were completely gassed.

As we move forward, I really need to see if Kenny is our future or if we need to draft one of the 3 stud QBS coming out this year, It's hard to see if Kenny has the it factor needed at the QB position because the play calling is so horrid. I hope the team stays behind the kid and gets him the help he needs to see if he can be our future.

With this season about 95% over, it's now time to see who wants to play Steeler football and who want's to go fishing, we will need to weed out the no heart guys with the rest of the season. I'm not giving up on this team, it's a 2% chance of winning out, but this offense play calling is soooooo BAD, it's hard to even dream of winning out. Guys like D. Johnson, Dodson, Cole, Spillane, Bush, Edmunds all need to play great football or can pack there stuff up.

Matt Canada is not the answer at O.C.  for that matter neither is Teryl Auston as D.C nor is our O. line coach Pat Meyer. The offensive line play has been the worst I have seen in Pittsburgh in 25 years, the defense only plays soft zones and never presses a wr, the offense is the worst I have seen in 53 years in Pittsburgh. Changes have to be made. Tomlin will need to make the changes or we will need to move on from all the coaches.

Even the Bubby Brister offenses were better then this garbage we are watching today, they at least had Luis Lipps and could play some defense.

We are now left to play spoiler and can change the way the playoffs look as we still play the Ravens twice, the Browns, & Colts.  This game could of saved our season, I do think we can win the next 2 games, but do we really want to? If we win more games we get a lower draft pick. With 4 picks in the top 40 we could fix our O. Line FAST!


No more pressure to win now just go play STEELER Football and see what happens, I place my trust in MR. ROONEY to get this fixed.