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Is It To Late To Save The Steelers.

Is It To Late To Save The Steelers.

Is The Steelers Season Over? Can We Save Our Season?

After yet another pathetic game played by the Steelers, we are now 1-3 on the season. The Steelers did however add a nice spark when they sat no heartbeat Mitch and went to the kid Kenny Pickett, he came in and you could see that he brings a heartbeat and some much needed passion to the team. He looked like he wanted to play football and scored on 2 hard runs, he even ran a QB sneak on 4th and 1 and got that too.

He found our killer WR G. Pickens and finally he was a player for us, I loved what I saw from Kenny, he made a few mistakes, but lets not forget he never gets any reps in practice and he is a real ROOKIE. He had 3 interceptions, but of the 3 i think 1 was on him. Moving forward, lets all hope the kid can develop fast.

As far as the defense, I have no words for that 4th qt mess, up by ten points to the sloppy Jets at home and you blow it by giving up two late TDS! This defense played solid for 3 QTS then they moved to a soft zone slash prevent and the Jets had fun chewing them up, we continue to play our SLOW NON COVER ILB's on WRS, our LB's (Spillane & Bush) can't cover me but yet our coaches feel they can cover WRS? They got demolished over the middle over and over and in every game to date.

Highsmith and Minka played football, the rest of the defense was sleeping, I love Heyward, but he is not the guy from last year at all. Does T.J. Watt really mean this much to this defense? Without T.J this defense is now 0-7. Is he a one man wrecking crew.

The Jets put some pressure on the kid and the kid took it all and made some nice plays, the late pick was a killer pick for sure, but doesn't this highest paid defense get paid to stop teams, especially the damn Jets offense. I understand this defense has played more minutes then any other defense in the nfl, but it's the JETS man..

How do we fix the Offense, I think we fixed it a little just by inserting Kenny Pickett, but we still need to create plays that work for his style of game, he is not Mitch and you now have to change your game plans for him, our play calling is pathetic and Matt Canada is the worst I have seen in Pittsburgh in 20 years. We can't bench Matt, but maybe we can move him to QB coach and hand the play calling over to our QB coach?

Tomlin has got to stop coaching NOT TO LOSE THE GAME, he needs to regain his passion and coach to WIN THE GAME, we need him to push the gas peddle when we got a team down and done, not a coach that is going to try and protect a lead, be aggressive run the sidelines, talk to players, get IN THE GAME.  WE NEED HEARTBEATS, NOT DEFIBRILLATORS!

I will not give up on this season, we have to much talent to fold up, let's all just play FUN FOOTBALL, get back to why we are the Steelers and leave all the negative talk OUTSIDE THE DAMN LOCKER ROOM.