March Madness Is Under Way! Who You Got To Get To The Final Four?

Do We Want A Grizzlies VS Nuggets Western Conference Finals.

Do We Want A Grizzlies VS Nuggets Western Conference Finals.

Are The Grizzlies and Nuggets The Top Teams In The NBA?

Raise your hands if you would love to see a Nuggets vs Grizzlies western conference finals. Both have become the hottest 2 teams in the NBA and both look to make a lot of noise come playoff time. I'm excited to see this match up, but if you took a fan poll it would probably be a no go.

The Nuggets are shooting the lights out and with the leagues MVP Jokic playing outstanding basketball this team has all the makings of a deep playoff run. The Grizzlies have the electric Ja Morant and play some nice defense and are currently on a an 11 game win streak, this looks like a great match up.

The Nuggets are on there own 8 game win streak both these small market teams can change your mind real fast, both teams are pulling away from the stack and both teams have great coaching, either team can be in the finals but would they have enough to beat a Boston Celtics team or a Bucks team, I say HELL YES THEY DO.

Both teams could get 50-60 wins as long as no major injuries hit them, A. Gordan puts the Nuggets in solid hands, but Jokic is battle tested and has been carrying this team for years, he looks ready to be the man in the finals this year.

 The Grizzlies bring some fast youth and a lot of point scoring to the table with Jackson jr and Bane back in the line up it only looks better and better for this team to go the limit with anyone.

Let's all just enjoy watching 2 great new teams battle for the NBA CROWN.