March Madness Is Under Way! Who You Got To Get To The Final Four?

Astro's VS Phillies In The World Series.

Astro's VS Phillies In The World Series.

Can The Phillies Hold Off The Mighty Astro's.

Most of us probably had the Astro's making it to the big dance, but who had the Phillies making in there? The Astro's can win small ball or home run ball, they have great pitching with great hitters along with a great closer & a top notch manager in Dusty Baker. The Phillies brings excitement and solid defense and have proven they can beat any team as they already took down the Cardinals, Braves and Padres.

I think it's an Astro's party at the end, but if the Phillies can score runs and play solid defense they have a chance and all you need is a chance right.

The Astro's are well managed and just seem to have the clutch hits with men in scoring position every game, they have speed and can steal bases, they can hit for power and there line up is deadly, Dusty Baker always seems to know when to make a pitching change.

The Phillies could be happy just to get here after almost not even making it into the playoffs, they were slumping bad at the end of the season for sure, but turned it all around and took it to the Cardinals the mighty Braves and the Padres. We need to give them some credit those teams they had to beat were massive.

The Astro's rolled through the playoffs and dominated the Yankee's to get here, all signs point to them sweeping the Phillies in this world series.

Both fan bases are top flight and both brings excitement and fun to the ball parks, this could be a fun series as long as the Phillies can stay with the Astro's.