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Are The Steelers Off Life Support With Another Solid Win.

Are The Steelers Off Life Support With Another Solid Win.

The Steelers Are Now Off Life Support With Another Solid Win.

Don't look now but the Steelers are starting to play good football again, they dominated the first half vs the Falcons 16-6 that score could of been 21-6 or even 24-6, but the Steeler drives were stopped and they had to settle for FG'S instead of touch downs.

The offense continues to run the ball good gaining another 154 yards, there passing game looked solid with another 197 yards. 5.4 yards per play and getting 350 yards for the game.  22 first downs and 6 of 12 on 3rd downs. The O.Line is starting to take over they are now getting great push up front. Maybe all they needed was some time together.

The defense was on point the first half and then fell a sleep in the 3rd QT allowing the Falcons to run it down there throats and turning the game into a fight at 16-13 then all of Steeler nation was on edge when it was 19-16 late in the 4th QT. The Steelers put together a nice drive late that ate up most of the clock then had a perfect punt to put the ball at the Falcons 1 with 1.25 left in regulation.

The Steelers defense then sealed it with a Minka pick to close it out and grab the win. Najee ran well and he ran angry all game, Friermooooth had a great catch and then went beast mode on the Falcons defenders. Kenny looked strong and is starting to look like a franchise QB, he made a few mistakes but all in all played well. Not to sure why we didn't target Pickens as he had 1 target with one catch, he needs to be targeted at least 10 times per game.

D. Johnson made a few catches and then again dropped a few key passes, He is paid to be a number one WR and is not living upto that contract yet, but I like his game and he runs great routes, when we start to target Pickens more it will open up Johnson more and more.

Tomlin and his staff played the 2nd half a little safe and the special teams play was out standing all game, the defense scheme was strange as the Falcons just continued to run on us and we stayed in a soft cover 2 zone, Our inside linebackers were getting blown up but the secondary was in on a lot of tackles.

AT 5-7 we now have a reason to believe in the team, even with horrid play calling this team continues to get the wins, next up it's everyones favorite week, it's RAVEN WEEK and with L. Jackson out the Steelers could find them self right back in the thick of it. Never say Never!  Lets GO STEELERS!