March Madness Is Under Way! Who You Got To Get To The Final Four?

Are The Pittsburgh Penguins Ready.

Are The Pittsburgh Penguins Ready.

The Pittsburgh Penguins Look Ready To Take On This Season,

With the Hockey season ready to start, will this be a great year for the Penguins, will they keep injuries down, will they finally play defense.. Lots of questions that should be answered in this new season.

I was happy to see the trio return, Crosby, Latang and Malkin, both Crosby & Latang are both still playing superb hockey, Malkin will need to stay healthy and produce on that 2nd line. The addition of Archibald should bring some grit to the line up, Gentz always brings speed and goal scoring, we will need our 3rd line to play solid and get great goalie play all year long to be in it at the end.

We have signed Mike Sullivan to a 5 year extension contract and I love his coaching style and his toughness, the power play should be very strong and the penalty Kills have to be much better then last years.

I look forward to the season and making the playoffs, this year the Pens need to play much better defense, gone are the days of puck chasing and puck dumping, lets play hard defense and go hit people, take them off the pucks. The 4th line could be a great line as long as they don't get tuck on the ice to much.

get away from the penalty box, last year we took so many bad penalties and it put us in bad spots, this year is more about playing as a full squad, let Crosby run the points and let him dictate from behind the net, more crisp passing, less one on one puck handling in the zone unless you're Crosby.

Season opens for the Pens on Thursday 10/13/22 we need to start strong and end stronger.