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Are The Lakers Unraveling?

Are The Lakers Unraveling?

Just three games in and the Lakers could be the worst shooting team in NBA history.

At this point the Lakers will need to make some kind of trade just to give lebron and the team even a chance at contending this season. Who do they need to fire now?

Westbrook has regressed after playing 34 minutes per game over 78 starts, he is now averaging 10 pints in 3 games this season, 4 assists, his shooting % is 28 percent from the floor and a dismal 8.3% from three, he has made 3 of his 17 jump shots this season.

I think Westbrook has to go, he didn't work last season and it's even worse this season, you can say the season just started, but we seen this show all last season, when does it end.

Head coach Darvin Ham looks like he don't want anything to do with this mess, could he be the fall guy if things continue? everyone knows it's lebron making all the moves for this team, but why do they not work?

You might want to consider trading Westbrook, but don't think you're getting the Wizzard to give you Bradley Beal or the Nets to give you Kyrie for him, Never going to happen.

I see no deal that could help the Lakers contend this year, do they close down on Lebron or Davis? The Pacers were willing to give you Buddy Heild and Myles Turner if the Lakers attached 2 first round picks, this could make the Lakers better, but do the contend for a playoff spot with those guys?

As I see it, the Lakers are done, Lebron will do what he can until he decides enough is enough, he will want to be traded or demand they fire some one.