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Another Sad Browns Season

Another Sad Browns Season

Will Deshaun Watson And His 230 Million Dollar Contract Change This Sad Franchise.

The Browns sit at 3-7 on the season and all there hopes for next season is in there QB Deshaun Watson, they tossed him a guaranteed 230 million dollar contract and he has been out of football for 2 years. Did they over pay him? He has great stats with the Houston Texans but lets not forget that team was very bad and also played in a dome.

The Browns play outside in the cold and he will have a ton of pressure on him to be the franchise savior, could it be to much pressure? The Browns defense is weak and it wasn't there offense that was the problem as QB Jocoby Brisett played solid football for them. Do the Browns think Watson will play offense and defense? They have a solid run game, but that defense was out played in most of the season.

What if Watson looks different, what if he is not as good as people think he is, that contract is guaranteed so if he is not the answer for the Browns, that team will be locked up in a mess for the next 5 years. Forget all the allegations and all the fans reactions to him playing, this could be heading for more heartache in Cleveland for sure.

Even if he plays great football, what do they do on defense? With the salary cap taking a 230 million hit, there is not much left to improve the defense side of the ball. The Browns have been a bottom 5 NFL franchise for so long it's just sad. They have great fans that want to win and support this team, but on the field has become a nightmare for them.

What if Watson gets injured is that contract still open? What if he is not the same player he once was, can the Browns get out of his deal, will the coaches take heat if he is a failure? So many questions, it looks like as of right now it's a 50/50 shot at either side of this deal.