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Another Game, Another Sad Offensive Game Plan.

Another Game, Another Sad Offensive Game Plan.

Same Old Story With This Offensive Game Plan.

The Steelers fall to the Dolphins 16-10 in Miami on Sunday night football, it was a tail of 2 half's, in the first half and the first QT it was all the Dolphins and there speed and looked like it was a night the Steelers would be torn apart, Dolphins go up 10-0 after one, the 2nd looked as though the Steeler's defense made slight adjustments and the offense got moving a little bit.

The 2nd half was no points, the Dolphins shrugged off a fg that would of put them up by 9, instead opted to go for it on 4th down and the Steeler blew it up, the Steelers had lots of chances to turn this game but could not make any of the 4 pic chances they had. The DB'S dropped 4 straight up pics.

The offensive play calling is the worst I have seen in 50 plus years, it's sad to run on every first down for a yard or 2, this game plan never includes the middle of the field targets at all, it's always 3rd and 4 or more and we just never seem to have a correct route play to cover getting that first down at all.

The defense was solid in the second half, holding the Dolphins to zero points, our LB'S finally had a strong game, but the secondary was bellow average at best. you would think giving up just 16 points on defense that you could win the game. Turn overs by Pickett killed late drives at the end that could of won the game. (They told us that Ben was done, I know 100% that Ben wins this game easy). There was a ton of chances to win this game, but this team is just an average to bellow average team right now.

Do we get better? Will T.J's return give this same defense a lift? Will it even matter as this offense and MATT CANADA'S play calling just end all hope we have for 2022.

I thought Tomlin made great adjustments at halftime and our offense finally used some middle of the field targets, but I think at that point the Dolphins defense knew what we were doing all night. Lots of fans are killing Najee Harris but they need to understand how hard it is to try to run the ball into a 10 man front over and over, our run blocking is bad, very bad.

Pickett to Pickens brings some excitement, but we all have to understand Pickett is a raw QB right now and is learning on the fly in an offense that runs high school plays. I can see the defense getting better, but this offense is insane bad.

At 2-5 with the 6-0 Eagles next up, it really looks like this team will fall to 2-6 going into the bye week, but the bye week could bring a ton of changes, maybe we fire Matt Canada, maybe T.J lifts the entire team, maybe we can open up our passing game and go deep a few times, We can promote the QB coach into the new O.C but that's the same offense plays we already have.

At this point, we can play football without any pressure to win, we are now just playing to climb back in the afc north crown as a playoff spot seems far far away. Maybe we use our T. Ends, maybe we call some slants to our speedy WRS or maybe we just keep doing what we are doing.

After 27 games I think we have seen enough of Matt Canada's offense and we all know IT DOES NOT WORK! It's time to be creative and set up plays from plays that we ran that worked, if it's 3rd and 4 don't toss a 1 yard out to Najee and expect him to break 3 tackles and get the first down.

We are not dead just yet, we have games left with the Ravens and there defense sucks, the Browns at home and the Bengals at home, if we can pull off 5 or 6 stack wins, we can challenge for the AFC NORTH CROWN. The NFL is now a league where an Arron Rogers looks normal, a Tom Brady Stinks and the Giants are 6-1 along with the Jets at 4-2. 

It's Not over, we have to keep fighting and some how FIND OUR OFFENSIVE IDENTITY!