March Madness Is Under Way! Who You Got To Get To The Final Four?

All I See Is Cowboys VS Chiefs In The Super Bowl.

All I See Is Cowboys VS Chiefs In The Super Bowl.

It Sure Looks Like The Super Bowl Will Be The Cowboys VS Chiefs.

At the half way point of the NFL season it sure looks like the 2 teams could be set, as I see it today, it's the Cowboys facing the Chiefs in the big game. Both teams have a great offense and the Cowboys get the slight edge on defense.

Patrick Mohomes is on his way to becoming the greatest QB that the NFL has ever seen, are we watching the greatest QB of all time, yeah, I know there are the Brady's, The Elway's, The Bradshaw's, The Montana's, but none of them can do what Patrick can do on the field. He can basically do EVERYTHING and with a great head coach and amazing play calling, he is unstoppable.

At this point a lot of you are probably saying it's the Bills or the Bengals, Ravens or even the Dolphins who will get into the Super Bowl, you make a great point and it could be, but what team will go to K.C and beat them under the lights, can you really see the Bills, Bengals, Ravens or Titans pulling the upset there?

The Cowboys could be up set at home, the 49ers have a solid team along with the Eagles and maybe a rematch with the Vikings could pull it off, the Eagles seem to have gone flat, the Vikings got dominated by them and if you're thinking the 49ers, I could see that one.

The season still has a long way to go an maybe the Buccaneers with Tom Brady can sneak back in there, but at this point my eyes are locked on the Chiefs VS the Cowboys, I hate the Cowboys and I sure hope I'm wrong on them.

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