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A. Judge Hit's His 62nd Home Run.

A. Judge Hit's His 62nd Home Run.

Aaron Judge just caps off an amazing season, one for the ages.

Aaron has just blasted his 62nd home run and now is the new AL home run king, he has also won the triple crown, lead the league in every statistic there was.  At a massive 6'7 280lb this is what a home run hitter should be, lets not forget he has a 311 batting average along with a great eye at the plate that draws tons of walks.

The Yankee slugger has turned New York City upside down and now gets them in the playoffs to be a contender for the MLB world Series. Is there any way he don't win the M.V.P? His number are mind blowing and he has no drug scandals and everyone seems to love his attitude on and off the field.

As for me, I can't wait to see him in the playoffs, what a player and what a season, something we will never see again in our lifetimes. He has turned us all into baseball fans again.

Thank you Aaron Judge, you are truly a superstar! Now go win that world series kid.