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An NFL Play Off Game Like No Other.

An NFL Play Off Game Like No Other.

The 6th Seed Steelers Go Into Indy And Take Care Of Business Against The Mighty Payton Manning Led Colts Team.

What a great day it was on Jan 15th 2005 when the Steelers a heavy underdog went into Indy and smacked the mighty Colts to move on to the championship game. The Steelers who were blown out just 6 weeks earlier was said to never have a chance in this game.

The Steelers defense was dominant the entire game, The Steelers won the game 21-18. Then there was one of the craziest play's you'll ever see, with the Steelers up and getting the ball back at the Colts 3 Ben hands off to Bettis for what was an easy TD to end it, but Bettis was hit right on the ball going into the end zone and the ball came out, racing down the field was a Colts DB with one man to beat to win the game. Ben was that one guy and made the saving tackle a shoe string tackle, it was insane.

The Colts moved the ball to the Steelers 30 and and had a chip shot FG to tie the game up, but the Colts kicker missed the fg wide and all of Steeler Nation could breathe again. So many crazy plays, even the Troy amazing pick off that was over turned could of been the game.

At the time the Steelers were the only 6th seed to win on the road in 3 playoff games, beating the Benals, the Colts and then the Bronco's to go on and win the Supper Bowl it was a blast. It was a great team effort and the team dedicated the season to #36 Jerome Bettis.

I remember that game like it was yesterday, the raw emotions of every play, the way no one gave us a shot, being underdogs by 12, the Colts where every ones pick to be in the Superbowl, but Steeler Nation and the Steelers never flinched.

That tackle by Ben was one of the greatest tackles in our history for sure, that play alone should get Ben into the hall of fame in his first year of eligibility.  What a great great year for all of Steeler Nation that day!