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The Steelers Lose A True Legend #32 Mr. Franco Harris.

The Steelers Lose A True Legend #32 Mr. Franco Harris.

Franco Harris Truly Loved Being A Pittsburgh Steeler.

It's a very sad day in the Steelers franchise, STEELER NATION as well as in the entire NFL world as today Mr. Franco Harris has passed away, a true legend of the game and a person you love to cheer for. He turned a losing franchise into the very best franchise in all of sports.

Franco was the Steelers first round pick in 1972 and at the time was said to be drafted to be a blocking back, once he was drafted he spoke to coach Chuck Knoll and explained he wasn't a blocker and he was a running back with size, speed and could catch, Chuck tried him out and the very first pre season game Franco broke an 80 yard TD and since that day Chuck found the missing piece of his puzzle.

He was never the kind of guy that wanted all the spotlight, he was fine just being a Pittsburgh Steeler, his numbers where great 100 TDS, 9 pro bowls, 8-1,000 yard seasons (when the run game was important), 12,120 total yards. Amazing numbers for a guy that back in the 70's every defense knew you were going to run the ball.

Franco Harris was loved by most everyone he talked to or met, his love for the Steeler Nation was pure and his heart was huge, he always gave back to the fans, always took pictures with the fans, he was a true STEELER.

This weeks games where the anniversary of the Franco immaculate reception along with the retirement of Mr. Harris #32 jersey, I'm so sad that he won't be there for all this, but we all know he is watching it all from God's side. A great man and an even better person.