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Steelers Trade WR Chase Claypool To Bears

Steelers Trade WR Chase Claypool To Bears

Looks Like The Steelers Have Given Up On WR Chase Claypool.

The righting was on the wall with this trade, it's been leaked a few times over the past few weeks, this time it was finalized as WR Chase Claypool gets traded to the Bears for a 2nd round draft pick in 2023.

The Steelers offense has a stud WR just waiting to be utilized in G. Pickens, with Claypool taking up playing time and seems never to get open, runs poor routes and really never wants to clock, it was time to move on from him. The Steelers need to use Pickens more and more and allow him to use his speed along side D. Johnson and with T.End P. friermouth. There should be a high draft pick in the first round of 2023 as the Steelers are at 2-6 right now.

Then 2- second round picks should get the Steelers a few solid picks along with the rest of the rounds, the Steelers need a lot of help to get back on track and this is a good start. Claypool had a monster 1st year and then fell off each year after, his tick tock stuff was something that didn't take well in the locker room and this is the reason it was time to move on, along with having a stud WR just waiting to be the new #2 WR.

Chase seemed to play hard at times, but his lack of development on route running seemed to never take shape, he is way to big to not go get jump balls from smaller DB's. Steelernation wishes you well Chase, good luck to you with the Bears, maybe you can become a better WR there.

The Steelers also picked up a trade with the Washington Commanders for CB William Jackson a much needed player for this defense, with Kazee and Levi always hurt, this team needs a guy who can cover and has ball skills and he has that.

With T.J. Watt back in the line up this defense could get a blast of electricity and should look a lot better, at 2-6 the season could be slipping away, but the division could still be in reach.