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Preseason game #1 thoughts

Preseason game #1 thoughts

With the first pre-season game in the books, it's time to chek out who shined...

First off lets all remember that this was a lot of back ups playing on both sides of the ball, with that said I think All 3 QB'S looked solid I give the edge to K. Pickett, the kid looked real good

At the RB position i think we found our back up for sure in Jaylen Warren, the kid reminds me of a baby Bettis with more speed. He hit the holes fast and was running hard.

I like what i see in the secondary guys, we need to find 2 that can hit up the slot CB spots.

The O.Line was above avg and I think Green will beat out Dtson at RG, the center position looks way better then it did last year and they had some movement.

At WR we have a superstar in Pickens, this kid looks like he has no fear and has great hands, he should be a guy to look forward to seeing play.

Guys that didn't look good were MLB D. Bush and MLB R. Spillane, both got beat and looked slow, M. Jack on the other hand looked super fast.

It's just a preseason game, but we did see some QB roll outs, some quick reverses and some sweeps with slants, play calling was a bit better then we seen last year.

Lets see what it looks like for pre-season game #2.